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RIA Developer's Journal on Ulitzer Visual WebGui, a platform for developing business and industry tools, announced a new application with the launch of E-grou's 5.0. Visual WebGui has increasingly become the choice tool for developers creating corporate and management solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Its latest success was confirmed by E-grou, an online document management and workflow collaboration service. Since 5.0, E-grou has been providing a secure and configurable vault specific to individual user´s access rights. It enables control of document life cycle information, control of document versions, management of mail and email records, and participation in ad-hoc and structured workflows. According to Visual WebGui CEO Navot Peled, "Consistent with all Visual WebGui-enabled applications, E-grou's new tool will service a vast range of companies seeking t... (more)

Gizmox's Visual WebGui Platform Un-Hackable After 3-Month Security Challenge

Gizmox announced that no one was able to successfully hack into the Visual WebGui platform during the security challenge sponsored by the company that offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who could break into the Visual WebGui framework. The contest, which ran from November 3, 2008 through January 31, 2009, required participants to provide a reproducible pathway into the Visual WebGui pipeline in order to claim the prize. Despite break-in attempts by more than 1,700 users, Visual WebGui was not hacked and the prize remains unclaimed. According to leading IT analysts, web applications and in particular RIA technology based applications have become the most vulnerable elements of enterprise IT infrastructure. As an increasing number of organizations come to depend on rich Internet-based applications that leverage the power of AJAX, Silverlight, or Flash technologies, bu... (more)

Informatec Saves Development Time Using Visual WebGui

"Using Visual WebGui, we quickly developed about 50 end-user forms in 2-3 months with 3 developers. The original estimation using traditional ASP.NET was more than 6 months," says Informatec. "Visual WebGui is an amazing time and budget saver" Overview Informatec was founded in 1992 to create practical applications that focused on the emerging needs for telephone system controls. Since then the company has been developing and sophisticating theses telephony system control solutions and nowadays it designs, develops, manufactures, sells, installs and maintains Call Account Management Systems (local and remote call accounting systems) and Voice and Fax Systems, including software and hardware developed and produced in-house. The Informatec development team includes graduate and post-graduate Engineers, Systems Analysts and Programmers from the main universities. As it d... (more)

Visual WebGui Silverlight platform

Visual WebGui combined with Silverlight is a platform to create & deploy server based rich Silverlight applications. Leveraging an extremely graphically rich Silverlight as a presentation layer, maintaining the customizability using the same XAML editing tools (Expression Blend, Cider etc) only controlled by the server on runtime.   Visual WebGui/Silverlight                          Plain Silverlight   Why Visual WebGui with Silverlight? Visual WebGui platform is the natural choice for creation & migration of rich Silverlight data centric & business centric applications. Visual WebGui applications unique benefits: Highly secured due to the ‘Empty Client' paradigm shift! Using minimal bandwidth maintaining optimized AJAX/Silverlight responsiveness! One time download of a minimal client footprint. Saves 50% time and more of the classic Silverlight development tim... (more)

HealthRx creates biosafety monitoring web application using Visual WebGui

"Visual WebGui allowed us to spend more time on providing a solution to our customer’s needs and less time on the technical details of web application development" --J. Patrick Vandersluis, Ph.D., CEO of HealthRx Overview HealthRx Corporation provides software solutions for healthcare, biomedical research, biosafety, and complex patient management.  Notable HealthRx customers include the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).   Business Needs In 2002, HealthRx Corporation developed a rich-client solution for the NIH to catalogue and track all potentially hazardous materials used in the many institutes’ biomedical research.  The growing need for a web-based solution inspired HealthRx to fold this solution, then called the Potentially Hazardous Materials Information System (PHMIS), into their PI-Dashboard offering, an online bi... (more)

Commercial Edition of Visual WebGui Professional Studio Released

Gizmox announced the release of the Visual WebGui Professional Studio. The commercial version of the Visual WebGui Studio Suite enables the building of enterprise-class Rich Internet Applications and offers subscribers unlimited technical support with enterprise grade warranty and service level agreement (SLA). The new commercial Studio Suite offers enhanced developer experience (DX), full integration with Visual Studio and enterprise grade scalability and redundancy with server extensions. New enterprise-class services, such as prototyping, consulting, hot-fixes and more are available. To date, more than 30,000 Visual WebGui applications have been deployed at companies such as SAP and IBM, and the number is growing daily. In addition, Visual WebGui's business Rich Internet Applications are in use by leading banks, insurance firms, government and military agencies, a... (more)

New AJAX and RIA-Based System with Visual WebGui Rolled Out in UK

Overview Craegmoor Healthcare was founded in 1995 and has since grown substantially over the years. The organization boasts a national coverage of over 250 care homes, supported living units, independent hospitals, day care centers and further education colleges across England, Wales and Scotland and is the UK’s largest independent provider of care and support to adults with a range of specialist needs. These include learning disabilities, mental health problems, physical disabilities, dementia and nursing care for older people. Craegmoor Healthcare currently employs 6,500 members of staff who are trained professionals, dedicated to enabling service users to recognize and develop the skills needed to live fuller and more independent lives. Craegmoor works closely with local authorities, Primary Care Trusts and NHS Trusts and therefore is committed to building partner... (more)

DTS Systeme Completes Linux (Mono) Web-based OS Deployment Tool

Overview DTS Systeme GmbH has been providing complete IT Services to the German market since 1993. DTS Systeme GmbH Started as a HP reseller and today, it offers a range of products and services on top of that including: 24/7 Helpdesk Datacenter Services Network Infrastructure Products from HP, Juniper and Foundry Microsoft Software Products and Consulting Unix Operating System Knowhow incl. Linux and BSD Internet Provider Services IT Security Reselling and Consulting including products from Checkpoint, Juniper, McAfee, and Kaspersky Although DTS Systeme GmbH is not a software development company, the wide range of its products and services and the fact that the company also operates as an ISP with a massive usage of a datacenter often results in requests for customized tools and solutions. Business needs The company needed to develop a solution which would operate a... (more)

Help Desk Ticketing System Using Visual WebGui

Overview Golden West Technologies provides Internet Help Desk services to many small to medium sized Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the United States.  Golden West Technologies prides itself on offering excellent service levels to its clients.  The Internet Help Desk provides a branded solution, 24/7 skilled staffing, digital call recording, customizable escalation and outage procedures, and a fully redundant data center environment. In order to provide superior service to our ISP's, it was deemed necessary to build in-house a custom, robust, and full featured ticketing system. In this effort, Visual WebGui provided the framework for our developer to produce a functional RIA and deploy the first phase of the ticketing system in 8 months. Business needs A call center environment is one of milliseconds which equate to bottom line financial gains or los... (more)

Trading Desk Application's UI Completed Using Visual WebGui

Montrusco Bolton Investments is a Montreal firm with over 60 years of investment experience. MBI offers a range of equity, fixed income and alternative investment solutions and supported by two solid institutional partners: Affiliated Managers Group and Solidarity Fund QFL. The company uses a trading desk application to send trade information to brokers and to different departments within the company by email and printouts. The Trading Desk application is used to determine the transactions needed in the portfolios that the company manages. It is an interface that creates transactions into another table in the database for another department and sends emails to the brokers with the transactions to process in attachment (a pdf file that is created with Crystal Reports). Business Needs The company had a VB 6.0 application that didn't meet the requirements anymore as t... (more)

A WinForms-based CRM extended to the Web using Visual WebGui

"What's great about Visual WebGui is that a core-developer doesn’t have to code in HTML, Ajax or JavaScript; everything is done by the VWG framework itself" --Ernstjan Freriks of CRMCompany Overview CRMCompany is a high quality supplier and consultant in the field of CRM and information. The company's objective is to apply its knowledge and experience in order to provide added value to businesses which would assist them in improving profitability. This is done by providing businesses with the ability to use information technology in commercial and administrative processes efficiently and effectively as possible with a measurable return. The customer is in the construction industry and has a department which builds and sells roof vaults to other companies and end-users. The Visual WebGui based application was built for the Roof Vaults department. The application enab... (more)